Tour of Condo

Tour of  Condo

The location of this Cape Coral waterfront condo is at the end of a quiet residential street.  There is very little car activity down this street which makes for very peaceful days and nights.  At the same time, the location is a 5 minute walk to down town Cape Coral where there are plenty of restaurants, stores, shops, and the bus line.  This Cape Coral condo is located in a perfect  location. pulling_up_to_condo
back_of_condo We park the car and walk to the back of the condo.  Here you will find nothing except peacefulness and serenity.  At the waterfront is the dock for your boat.  If you do not have one, you can reasonably rent one.  The river and gulf is minutes away.  You can see the spiral staircase which leads to the second floor of the condo.  The 150 square foot lanai, and bay window really opens up the condo, like no other in Cape Coral!
We walk straight ahead along the side of the canal to get to the heated pool.  The pool area is very private to the outside.  Chances are, you’ll be the only one using it.  The pool sits on the corner of 2 intersecting canals.  From the pool, you will periodically see a boat cruising down the canal like you see one in this picture. poolside
condo_entrance We walk back around to the front of the home to see the covered car port.  Behind us is plenty of extra parking spots for your guests.  We are now going to walk up the stairs we see in front of us.
We approach the entrance of the condo hallway, and look up the stairs.  The first thing we notice is how bright it is in here.  That is the result of the skylights we can see on the ceiling.  There are skylights throughout the home.  The other thing we notice is how clean the  hallway is.  We will continue to walk up the stairs. condo_hallway


When we get to the top of the stairs, we notice the bright light coming in through the skylights.  This hallway is shared by only two condos.  Your entrance is to the right of the tree.  We will walk straight ahead, and turn right into the condo.
We open the door to find a very well lit condo, thanks to the skylights.  Right away, we notice the brand new pergo flooring and the roomy hallway.  There are two doorways to our right, each leading to a bedroom.  We are going to walk straight ahead, and turn to our right to see in both rooms. condo_door


As we turn to our right, we can see the entrance to two bedrooms.  The master is on the left.  We are going to walk into the Guest Bedroom on the right first.
We walk into the Guest Bedroom and notice the roomy and clean interior.  This room can sleep 2-4 comfortably.  There are 2 double beds in the room. We are going to walk to the corner of the room and turn around. bedroom
bedroom2 As we turn around, we see the clean, spacious bedroom from the corner.  There is a very large closet to our left, and plenty of dresser space.  We are going to walk out of this bedroom, and turn right into the master bedroom.  Linens, towels and beach towels are all provided.
We walk into the master bedroom and notice how spacious it is.  The master bedroom has a king size bed.  The room has a very large walk-in closet with plenty of shelving.  There are 2 large oak wood bookcases with a large dresser, TV and desk also in the room.  We are going to walk to our left, where the entrance to the private bathroom is. master_bedroom
master_bathroom We look into the Master Bedroom’s Bathroom, and notice how spacious and clean it is.  There is a large walk in shower, and plenty of counter space.  The skylight  above is supplying the light.  We are going to exit the bathroom and turn to the right, to exit the Master Bedroom.
We are going to walk straight ahead out of the Master Bedroom into the main hallway. master_bedroom2
livingroom We walk out of the bedroom, into the main hallway and we pass the living room on our right.  In front of us is the 150 square foot lanai overlooking an extra large intersecting canal.  We are going to walk to the lanai, and turn around to face the living room and 3rd Bedroom / Den.
This photo really show the openness of the condo.  There are no lights turned on, all the light is coming in through windows, the lanai, and skylights. The extra large hallway along the right of picture goes back to the bedrooms.  On the right hand side of the hallway is another full bathroom.  Directly in front is the spacious living room with an entertainment center.  Behind the living room is the 3rd Bedroom / Den.  Let’s walk straight ahead into the 3rd Bedroom.


3rd_bedroom This room is an office equipped with a computer with internet access, phone and fax machine.  This room can also be used as a third bedroom.  The walls can be pulled out to enclose in the room, and there is closet space available in the room.  The futon folds out into a bed which can sleep 2.
We walk into the Den and turn around.  From here, we can see the dining area to the left, the living room in front of us, and the lanai in front of the living room. view_from_den
dining_room_lanai We step into the middle of the dining room.  To our left, see a little of the kitchen along with the the dining area.  In the dining area, you can see the bay window.  To the right is the extra spacious lanai.
We turn to the right just a bit to get a better view of the lanai.  From the lanai, you can see the awesome panoramic view of intersecting canals for which Cape Coral is known for. view_from_lanai
kitchen_dining We turn to our left and start to walk toward the kitchen and dining area.
We turn to our right and look toward the dining room.  We notice the door to the spiral staircase is open.  We are going to walk through that door onto to the balcony. dining_room_2
balcony_view As we step out onto the balcony, we witness a breathtaking view.  There is a boat docked, which is ready to hit the gulf.  The docks have a place to fillet your fish after you catch them.  There are numerous places in Cape Coral, Fl. that rent boats on a daily and weekly basis.
We step back in from the balcony.  We look to our left and see our dining room and large lanai overlooking the intersecting canals. kitchen
dining_room_lanai_2 We turn to the right a bit to get a great view of most of the home.  This photo really shows the openness of the condo.  From the left, there is the Lanai, Living Room, Den, and Kitchen.  You will not find a more spacious and roomy waterfront condo in Cape Coral than this.
We turn a bit more to the right to see more of the kitchen.  We notice how well lit the kitchen is.  There are no electric lights on, all this light in the condo is coming in through the skylights in the kitchen. kitchen
We turn a bit more to the right to see more of the kitchen.  Here we can see how well lit and clean it is.  The appliances we can see here include the refrigerator, microwave, trash compacter, stove and oven.  Other appliances include the disposal and dishwasher.  Through the white door is the utility room with a full size washer/dryer, iron, beach equipment and cooler for your boat.  We’re going to walk into the kitchen.
After we walk into the kitchen, we turn around.  In the lower right hand corner, we can see the dish washer.  Ahead of us is the dining room and bay window looking out onto the canal. kitchen_3

Thank you for taking the time to take the tour, if you have any comments or questions, please feel to call or email me anytime.

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